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NRA is Against Machineguns

The NRA supported the National Firearms Act back in the 1930s. The part about registering machineguns and silencers was something the NRA was totally on-board with, and they didn't reluctantly go along with it to save face or anything like that. They really didn't consider those kinds of weapons as being "ordinary," and only ordinary guns that ordinary men would want to own are the kind that the NRA was protecting.

The NRA went along with the further machinegun restrictions that came in 1968.

And the NRA supported, if not actually proposed, the complete ban on post-1986 machineguns to get enough Democrat / Moderate Republican votes to pass the Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986.

So really, for the NRA to just categorically dismiss any talk about machinegun control and say that they don't care about that, is, well, quite consistent.

(P.S. the NRA does not want to tell the American people that machineguns are still legal with a bunch of restrictions, and that registered machineguns are rarely used in crime and so far NEVER by their rightful owners. WHY would the NRA want to CONCEAL this information? Because what if somebody says:

"Well if the tight restrictions on machineguns have worked so well, and yet they're still available for people serious enough about owning one to meet all the qualifications, let's regulate ALL FIREARMS the same way!"
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