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Hello Ye'all,
I just purchased a house in Cumming, Forsyth County. Will be in play by Oct. 23 on a job transfer. I'm a Florida resident with a FLCCW. I understand I'm covered by my FLCCW until I'm a GA rsident. I've read the sticky on 1st timers applying but it does not have any info on out of staters or residency requirements. As I understand it: To obtain my GCL I need to be a GA resident. I need to live here 3 months or 12 months...or just need a GA D.L. or a tax bill, voter registration or a combination of both/all to even apply? I've already read about the probate judge of my county and his B.S."interview" when applying before he issues. I quess I'm not inviting him to my family picnic! To the judges defense, GA law does require him to establise you as a person of" good moral character" before he issues. I'll see what can be done about getting a more pro-gun judge in place as this is a permanent move and I'll probably live in Georgia until I die. Also, how about shooting on yer owned property. I bought in a subdivsion and there rules do not speak to firearms/discharging or carrying in common places. Anyone know about Forsyth county ordanences? Behind my house is a cow farm. Gonna see if I can meet the owner and get permission to hunt his land. Sorry for the long post but I really have alot of unanwsered questions about GA carry.
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