Now here's a real shoulder breaker !!!

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    Actually, here are a couple from the same site. Really cool old guns.

    The first rifle is a four bore ( is that the same as four gauge? ). It weighs 16.5 pounds and comes with a four bore shotgun barrel as well. The bore diameter is 1.052", or just more than twice as wide as a .50 cal bore! I can't imagine the recoil this thing generates... It must throw out almost a pound of lead each time it goes bang. Although, at that size, it probably goes BANG! ... 0?id=28557

    Here's another in eight bore: ... 0?id=28558

    The description says the weight of each bullet is 1,600 grains. For sake of comparison, the Mosin-Nagant has as much recoil as I can handle and it shoots a 185 grain bullet. Obviously, they were real men back in the day...

    Oh yeah, in case you wanted that one, it's sold... it was offered for $45,000. Yeah, 45k and it sold.....!

    Here's another one that sold. $225,000., but what a stunning piece of gun porn! :bowdown: Absolutely beautiful...!!! ... s?id=28596

    Obviously, whoever bought it did a better job of picking ancestors than I... #-o
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    Yes a 4 bore is the same as a 4 gauge. For those of you that arn't familiar with shotgun gauges that means that if you made a lead ball the diameter of the bore then it would only take four of those balls to weigh a pound. So one lead ball for a 4 boar gun is 1/4 pound!

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    Gunny - cool info and

    you'd be firing big macs.