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Re: maybe

gunsmoker said:
Well, the article doesn't say that the passenger was ever located or interviewed as a witness. He's just some stranger who was getting a ride home from a house party-- one of several hundred. So where does that leave us? No witnesses. One person's story of what happened. No corroboration. Maybe it happened just like the victim says. And maybe something else happened, that he may not want to fully disclose due to illegal or embarassing circumstances. Saying "I dropped the gun and shot myself as I went to pick it up" might be a quick and easy way to discourage the police from investigating further. (Remember, hospitals have to report all gunshot injuries, so the cops would have been called no matter whether the victim wanted that or not).

I hope it's not a crime to be this skeptical well into the wonderful Christmas season ! ;)
Good point, at least he came up with a plausable story to feed the police if something else was really going on.

Some of the stories would have you believe they just looked at the gun and it jumped up an shot them.
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