NOT raising the debt ceiling would be catastrophic??

Discussion in 'Off-topic Political' started by bdee, Jan 2, 2011.

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    i watched a video this morning i think it was lindsay graham saying we have to because of savings bonds and other bs

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    I think we need to start writing our representative and let them know this could have consequences at the ballot box.
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    Methinks that was made clear in November. But maybe they need a bit of reminding anyways!!
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    I think I need to do the same with my family. I need to go into debt so I can send my daughter to college, buy three new cars, add on to the house, build a new barn, buy some horses.....this will help the economy.

    Oh I am sorry, only Government can overspend! :screwy:
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    It does seem kind of ironic for people to complain about government debt when they have thousands of dollars in CC debt.

    That said, I hope that we can elect people to hold the line. If we have to pay off debts before spending any more money then we have to.
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    I don't see the irony at all. People who owe the CC bill know they will eventually have to pay it (plus 'vigorish' that would embarrass a Mafia don).

    People also know that whatever the government 'owes', the government has no intention of paying. Ever. They will sit back and confiscate it from the hard-working serfs - er... I mean, citizens - or simply renege on the debt entirely. Then go hide in their mansions while the rest of us take the heat.
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    :screwy: :screwy: :screwy: Not raising the debt ceiling will in no way be catastrophic, that's ridiculous.

    I see what they are trying to say though, and they are right in one respect. Also, we are really complaining about the wrong thing. We're complaining about the symptom here, and we are not addressing the disease. This disease is very treatable.

    Basically, take a look at the stock market. Almost straight up with some minor corrections. It exactly mirrors GOVERNMENT spending. We now live in a GOVERNMENT controlled economy. Nobody realizes that, but the government can add money or subtract money from the SUPPLY of money, and when there is a demand for money, boom, you have control of the bust and the boom of the economy, mainly through the Federal Reserve system and their RATE.

    Yes, every recession or depression is specifically created by OUR government. Same with the BOOM period as well.

    This BOOM of the DOW from 10,000 to 11,000 specifically happened because the government pumped unGODLY amounts of money into our economy, yes OUR tax money was pumped into the economy. A redistribution of wealth, Marxism if you will.

    We are FAR from a Laissez Faire economy, free-market economy. EVERYTHING is control by the government, including the money supply, including all recessions and depressions, and all times of boom.

    Also, why would someone want to create a depression or a recession? What some of you may not know, is that you can SHORT stock or BUY PUTS, or SELL CALLS, and BOOM, you make 3 times as much money on the free-fall as you EVER do BUYING STOCKS, SELLING PUTS, or BUYING CALLS. YES, you read it correctly. 3 TIMES, as much!

    Engineering boom and bust is a very profitable business, especially THE BUST! You can make 3 times the amount of money on the way down, during the same period of time, then if the market was going up, and you were playing the upside. A crash happens 3 times faster due to a human emotion, fear, and there are people out there profiting from that fear. If you're in the know, and you know for a fact a CRASH is going to happen. Get in, before the gettin' is good, before the OPTIONS become to expensive on the stocks. The only problem is that you must have a big LONG BOOM before you can have the straight down hard crash BUST.

    Don't believe me? Due some research on the SHORTING of airline stocks right before 9/11. Many groups with terrorist backing ties shorted airline stocks, and many other types of stock BEFORE 9/11. They made TRILLIONS of dollars. Trillions of dollars to help fund terrorism all over the world.

    The SEC investigated this. Its all on record.

    We live in a COMMAND style government, and our government is pulling the strings on boom and bust here. I mean just look at the derivatives that the government's SEC allowed, the legal gambling that was literally played with our country's mortgages. They had to actually go to the GOVERNMENT, and get a special exemption from them, so they would not be subject to STATE GAMING LAWS, because what they were do is gambling with our jobs, with our economy, and they played both sides. Who let that happen? The Government, the exempted them from State Gambling Laws. Who let that happen? What they were doing was GAMBLING.

    The geniuses played both sides of it! When the Federal Reserve had such a massive false CREDIT, because they refused to raise their rate at which they loan out money, the Housing Market was exploding, everyone was getting a mortgage, everyone was getting a home, nobody was looking at their credit scores, nobody cared if they had a JOB, nobody cared if there was any chance, even a 1% chance that they could actually pay back their mortgage without going into Foreclosure. Did the regulators at the government's SEC do anything to stop this? Ohh heck no! Let is all slide, its good for business, RIGHT? Wonder if those guy made a pretty penny for their help in all this? Remember, government jobs usually do not pay all that well.

    My whole point of all this, is that regretfully, we live in a Government Controlled Command Economy, and if government literally pulled all redistribution of wealth through all these bailout, Reinvestment Acts, and all their other Pet Pork Projects, our Economy would CRASH, just as it was supposed to do back in 2008.

    If we would have just let the economy crash, no government intervention, the recession would have been a short depression, unemployment would be crazy high, and everything else, BUT we would already be on our way to a TRUE recovery, not one propped up and controlled by our National Government.

    Government control and intervention of our economy is what lead to this problem, and MORE government control and intervention into our economy will not FIX the Disease. Government control and intervention into our economy is what helped CAUSE the problem, and their further intervention will just further cause more BOOM and BUST.

    Also, look at what this "RECOVERY" has caused to happen to our US dollar. Russia and China have DROPPED the dollar as their GO BETWEEN currency. Their Yen and Ruble are now so much more strong and have so much more perceived worth, that they have dropped our dollar, because THEY know it is going to become WORTHLESS on the international stage if our government continues to support this "RECOVERY."

    Our government controlled economy is the disease, greed and corruption are driving this control, and a free market economy is the CURE.

    You want to know what the cure for the cancer is that is plaguing our country and our economy? The answer is a Laissez Faire economy!

    Stop the government control of our economy, now.
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    Hammer head... meet the head of the nail. You nailed it. Good summary.
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    :exactly: :(

    Isn't this hyperbole eerily familiar to the propaganda used for effect right before the first bailout?
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    Here is the message I sent to both Isakson and Chambliss from both myself and my wife.

    Feel free to use it, change it a little etc. but they need to hear from us.

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    o voted not to raise the debt ceiling while a senator.