Not Quite a "Right"

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    When does a right cease to be a right? If you have to obtain government permission to publish an article such as this, does free speech cease to be a right? If you have to justify to your local police chief why you want to attend a particular synagogue or church, what does that do to your right to practice your religion? If there were more than 20,000 laws on the books governing newspapers, television and radio, would a free press cease to be a right?

    Then why is it that while all the other rights are absolute, the right to keep and bear arms subjects the citizen to a plethora of government red tape, fingerprinting, background checks and other indignities?[/quote:12rd29x9] ... right.html

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    Don't you have to have a license to run a radio station? What about the FCC? You also can't show nudity on most tv shows, you can't say "naughty" words either like *ss, f*cker, or n*gger. While I agree that the 2nd has always been more of a priveledge than a right the 1st is following a close 2nd. And don't forget the 4th either, the Patriot Act did away with most of that one as did the "War on Drugs". Then the 5th which has been violated by "hate crimes" (which also violate the 1st) and by some instances of eminent domain. Don't forget the 6th, good luck getting a fair and speedy trial if your an "enemy combatant". Oh and the 8th too, sitting in prison for 20 years waiting to be executed sounds like cruel and unusual punishment to me.

    So we're looking at the 3rd, 7th, 9th, and 10th that aren't being violated on a regular basis in America. The problem is the 9th and 10th are open to more interpretation than the others because they don't actually name the rights they ensure are protected, so they could be and probably are being violated without anyone really knowing.

    The 2nd isn't alone. :cry:
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    The 10th is THE most violated ammendment in the Constitution. The courts have perverted the interstate commerce clause to the point that the 10th ammendment has no meaning at all any more. And what they can't justify with that clause, they justify with the 14th. Our states are little more than large city governments.