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Jury deliberation took less than an hour.

Jury foreman Tillman Hill said after the trial that the evidence presented by the state did not justify a guilty verdict.

"We felt it was self-defense," Hill said. "He was perfectly within his rights. Everybody unanimously felt he was completely justified. There wasn't any debate whatsoever on the question of his innocence."

In her closing argument, Northeastern Judicial Circuit Assistant District Attorney Juliet Aldridge told the jury of seven men and five women that a not guilty verdict would send the wrong message.

"It would say to the members of this community that you can drive onto someone's property, antagonize them to the point that they come at you and then shoot them," Aldridge said.

Hill, the jury foreman, disagreed.

"I think it sends a message that in the county we live in, a person is justified to defend himself, and that justice was served."
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