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    It reaffirms my belief that the vocal minority that is always screaming for pointless gun control laws doesn't have a big impact on a lot of others that use logic and recognize that their best chance of defending themselves is with a firearm. Unfortunately the vocal minority is getting a lot of message amplification from the media, celebrities, funding sources like Soros, snowflakes on social media, etc. that are resulting sufficient pressure on politicians to invoke changes.

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    Is the law written like handguns. Where I can still sell an 18 year old a HG out of my private collection but FFL dealers cant? If that's the case Floridians should make sure their private sells always make it into the hand of someone under 21. If the government wants to disarm them, we the people will arm them back.
    They should probably do it regardless of law anyway
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    The new law states 18-20y/o cannot buy firearms. That would include handguns as well as long guns. That being said, there is nothing in the new law that I can see that prevents a relative (or maybe even a friend) from gifting a firearm to an 18-20 year old. There's also nothing in the new law preventing an 18-20 year old from purchasing an 80% lower, which is not a firearm, and building his own AR-type weapon. Of course that doesn't do anything for getting a bolt gun or shotgun, etc. I also understand that there are now 80% kits based on Glock handguns.
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