Northside Lanes in North Augusta

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  1. JasonTL

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    Anyone know the status of Northside Lanes? I know it's in SC but it's also part of Augusta so I'm hoping someone's been here (Yes I know SC laws will apply).

    I'm going to be bowling here for a friend's birthday in a week and am hoping I can carry.

    EDIT: I saw no posted signs on any entrance when I went there. I CC'd with no problem and kept it covered the whole time. However the lanes were constantly malfunctioning and the customer service was shoddy. There was a grouchy old manager who I suspect would've told me to leave had he known I was carrying.
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  2. Phil1979

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    I think if signs meet certain criteria in SC, they carry the weight of law. In other words, if you get caught carrying in a posted business then it's a weapons violation and loss of your license.

    It's better to bowl in Georgia where all they can do is ask you to leave if they notice your firearm, and no harm no foul if you comply.

    Then later send the SC bowling lanes a nice note that their sign cost them your business.

  3. Craftsman

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    I took the SC class a few years ago. Things may have changed since then. Signs in SC must meet very specific criteria to be legal. Minimum 9x12 (so you know a sign on 8.5x11 paper isn't compliant) with the slash going the wrong way and very specific language. Signs must be on every entrance, not just the one you came in. FYI, if you see an out of compliance sign, do NOT tell the owner.
  4. JasonTL

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    Thanks guys. I knew SC had sign laws, but I didn't know how specific they are. I need to research that.

    Has anyone had any personal experience carrying at Northside? Or seen whether they have signs?