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North of Houston, TX: Gun-range-employee-accidentally-shoots-kills-customer

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Damn.... that’s crazy.
Employee cleaning a rifle puts a bullet through a wall (and out a window?!?) and kills s dude in the parking lot.

Cooper’s fundamental Rule #1: treat all guns as if they were loaded, all the time.

Cleaning a loaded rifle is grossly negligent, even reckless, and there could be criminal charges based on that.
He had to break more than Rule #1. That's sort of the purpose of the rules. They are redundant. You must break multiple rules before Joshua Luke Cummings' children are without a father.
In comments, someone mentions original story mentioned nothing about cleaning a rifle.
Honestly Judge, I was just cleaning it and it went off all by itself!
In comments, someone mentions original story mentioned nothing about cleaning a rifle.
A different link, local, not from the U.K. as the OP had provided.

QUOTE: "The employee, in his early 20's, was working on a high caliber hunting rifle when it accidentally went off."

Yeah, this doesn't say "cleaning." It says "working on." OK, so it could have been something else. Boresighting, checking for feeding / function, etc.
Our own AJC online has picked up this story:

"An employee of a gun range in Texas accidentally shot and killed a patron as he worked on a rifle Tuesday morning, police said."
Depends on the kind of work he was doing on the rife. If he was trying to remove a stuck unfired cartridge He should have taken it out on the range and had it pointed downrange. Anything else he should have visually verified the chamber as empty.

Either way there should (not could) be charges.
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