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Looking at a sample ballot, we'll be choosing one judge for Georgia Supreme Court and one judge for Georgia Court of Appeals in the upcoming election.

For Supreme Court:
  • Tammy Lynn Adkins[/*:m:n47hdiiz]
  • David Nahmias (Incumbent)[/*:m:n47hdiiz]
  • Matt Wilson[/*:m:n47hdiiz]

For Court of Appeals:
  • James Babalola[/*:m:n47hdiiz]
  • Antoinette "Toni" Davis[/*:m:n47hdiiz]
  • Stan Gunter[/*:m:n47hdiiz]
  • Adrienne Hunter-Strothers[/*:m:n47hdiiz]
  • Chris McFadden[/*:m:n47hdiiz]
  • David N. Schaeffer[/*:m:n47hdiiz]

Does anyone know anything about any of these candidates?

I've seen illegally placed campaign signs for Babalola and Schaeffer for for Court of Appeals. And it occurs to me that if they don't know (or don't care) about campaign sign placements laws and/or ordinances, then perhaps they shouldn't be judging the law. Other than that I know very little about any of the candidates.

Thoughts / opinions?

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On the Ga Sec of State website you will find links to websites for most of the candidates uo for election this Nov. I have been doing some research just this morning on these that you have specifically asked about

This is not an endorsement as I am still doing research but as a point of interest:
Stan Gunter lists in his profile as being a member of the Federalist Society which by affiliation would make him a strict conservative (a great plus, IMO).
In the Supreme Court Justice race you will find interesting videos on the website for Matt Wilson including DEFEND YOUR RIGHTS, ECONOMIC TROUBLE, and STOP GOV'T GROWTH.

Here is the website for the Sec of State website. ... 11/02/2010
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