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Did you ever want an unregistered machinegun, or how about something that fires faster than a semi-auto but slower than true full auto, AND has no barrel length or stock length restrictions, so long as it's got some sort of shoulder stock on it, and the OAL is over 26 inches?

Well, somebody has invented the gun for you ! And apparently, since it was conceived as a big loophole-exploiting "EFF YOU, B-A-T-F" gun based on the strict interpretation of the NFA laws themselves, it's got BATF's reluctant approval.

It looks like an SBR-- but it can't be a short barreled rifle, because it's never been a rifle.
Rifles fire once per pull of the trigger, and apparently that means "pull and release" which doesn't apply to this gun with a binary trigger. It fires once on the pull, once on the release, for two shots per trigger cycle. That means it's not a rifle per federal definitions.

If it's not a rifle, then isn't it a pistol? No, because not only of the same trigger function issue, but also because pistols don't have shoulder stocks and were (at least originally) designed and intended for one-handed use. This gun was built from the factory as a shoulder-fired firearm, and in fact it needs that stock to stay attached to make the minimum OAL.

Is it an AOW? Not if it's over 26" in length, and not deemed concealable for that reason, and assuming you never actually carry it concealed.

So what is it?

A fast-shooting unregistered, unrestricted, tax-free "firearm" that functions a lot like the military's M4 assault rifle.

BUT.... the expected price of this thing is probably going to be considerably more than a regular SBR with a bump stock or other trigger-manipulation device on it. Even when you figure in the $200 tax, passport type photos, etc.
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