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non-encounter Macon PD

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S&S Cafeteria on Riverside for supper. My boys and I all had similar shirts on for a family pic we had earlier. Anyway, took youngest to little boys room and walked back to table. LEO seated on my right as we passed by and I'm carrying my Ruger SR9c at @ 4 o'clock on my right side in a Don Hume JIT slide. He looked right at the weapon, then at me and said "Y'all must've had pictures made?" And he just smiled. I replied "Yep, we sure did. Fun, fun, fun!". Went back to table with the wife and other two boys. That's how it should go. Kudos to this Macon PD officer! Manager spoke to me as well, by the way, and no doubt saw my sidearm but never uttered a word about it.
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In the over 2 years that I've been OC'ing in Macon, I have yet to have any issues at all with any LEO. Most don't even say a word to me, just nod. And the very few who have, have all been positive about it. Macon PD has a really crappy job that they don't get paid NEAR enough to do. They realize all too well, just as we do, that armed citizens are necessary.
Excellent. :righton: You ventured to the big city??? :eek:

As you said the other day... In our little town(s), if you see LEO, you know them on a 1st name basis. :mrgreen:
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