Non-deadly weapon at a public gathering?

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    I, like most of you all, hate being disarmed while at a public gathering and it seems that I am on a never ending quest to find the right weapon that is effective at stopping a BG, but yet public gathering "safe". I turned my attention now to bludgeon type weapons. More specifically a 16 inch Fury collapsible baton I bought while in Florida. These types of weapons are legal to carry in Florida with your firearms license, but here in Georgia its a little different story.

    The only law I can find that even pertains to collapsible batons is in 16-11-126, which describes it as a "bludgeon" or blunt force type weapon. So it is illegal to carry a bludgeon type weapon concealed, but okay to carry it openly. What about public gatherings? Is a bludgeon in the eyes of the law consdiered a deadly weapon or just a dangerous weapon? What is everyone else's opinions on this? Is a bludgeon a deadly weapon? and if not would you consider it public gathering safe to carry?
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    My opinion - Georgia laws are unclear on this issue.

    I think it is ok to carry it openly. I think it could be considered a deadly weapon if you were at a pubic gathering.

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    The jury is authorized to find that a policeman's club is a deadly weapon.

    Goodman v. State. 122 Ga. 111 (1905).