No Trick or Treat Signs

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Nemo, Oct 22, 2019.

  1. Nemo

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    at sex offenders house, put up by Sheriff = litigation.


  2. Phil1979

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    I don't have any love for sex offenders, but if the sign is placed in their yard it's their sign to throw away if they want to.

    Some of these "sex offenders" were merely teenagers that had consensual sex with their teen girlfriends, who got caught by the law because the girl was a few months from being "legal".

  3. gunsmoker

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    If the sex offenders are currently on probation or parole, their P/O can probably require such a sign.

    But totally free citizens, even convicted felons who are no longer under any sentence, should be free to celebrate Halloween in the normal and usual way including giving away candy it's not like they're inviting kids into their homes --it's just tossing little candies in the kids' bags while they stand on your front porch.
    Usually with their parents standing 10 feet behind them.

    And even if the government had the power to prohibit somebody from giving away candy during trick-or-treating, I certainly don't think the government has the power to make that person put up a sign in their yard about it. Just tell sex offenders not to leave their front porch light on, and not to answer the door, and do not implicitly invite children over for any sort of contact --even a brief contact to pass candy out.
  4. OWM

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    Sheriffs are elected politicians. Some more political than others.