No Carry in VA Wal-Mart?

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    Found this over at GT. ... did=701971

    Wal-Mart in Christiansburg, VA is now going anti CCW

    went into the Wal-Mart in Christiansburg, VA today to get some ammo. After buying everything I needed I headed out to the car. When I got to the main doors I saw this HUGE 1 1/2' x 2' sign with a handgun with a big slash though it.
    I know that is not standard Wal-Mart policy so I called the store and asked to talk to the manager. When the manager "Brian" got on the phone he told that the yesterday someone had come into the store carrying a firearm in a holster on his side in the open and that some of the employees got nervous, so he was making the no gun rule standard in his store. When I tried to reason with him, and asked if the person was maybe a police officer, and also that the person was well within their rights in VA to open carr, he told me "Hey, this is the way it is going to be, and if you do not like it, oh well" I asked his district managers number and ended the call.
    I called the district office and spoke with someone there and was told they would get to the bottom of it. A few minutes later I was called by someone in "Asset Protection" and that there was nothing she could do about the sign until she spoke with people in Legal, Corporate, District, etc, etc, etc. This person talked to me and was very understanding about the situation and said that she was not anti-gun at all, and that they were probably scared because of the shootings at VA Tech a month ago. She said that she would see what she could do.
    So, I guess for now I am going to find other places to get my ammo. We will see what happens.
    If anyone wants to call these people to voice their opionions, here are the contact numbers:

    Walk Mart Store in Christiansburg: 540-381-0436
    District Office: 276-236-1267
    Asset Protection: 276-235-0930
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    :shakehead: On another note, the range I went to in Florida today, all the employees were open carrying along with spare mags (yes, in Florida) My understanding was that OC is illegal in Florida. Maybe since they're in their place of business or something like that?

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    IIRC there are a few exceptions to open carry in Florida such as hunting and sport shooting.
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    0>2006->Ch0790->Section 25#0790.25

    and 790.053 is what the above law refers to

    It makes sense now. It took me a while to get all the way down to the code involving ranges and places of business. East Orange still requires you to unload and separate magazines before you come in, though. Just one extra step when you get to the lane, I suppose.

    Sorry for threadjacking; the original post just made me think about that from today,
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    I've always heard that Wally Worlds policy is that CC is allowed if legal in that state. I've also heard that if you open carry (and you're not a LEO) and someone complains (employee or customer) they will ask you to leave.