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No Amnesty March - State Capitol - Saturday

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“No Amnesty â€" March for Americaâ€

WHAT: No Amnesty â€" March for America

WHEN: Saturday, June 16, 2007 â€" 1pm - 6pm, RAIN OR SHINE

WHERE: Steps of the Georgia State Capitol â€" Washington Street side

Atlanta, GA â€" Georgia Patriot organizations will host the March for America event at the Georgia State Capitol on Saturday, June 16, 2007. They will be joined by top state-wide advocates for border enforcement including Todd Walker, Director for the Georgia Chapter of MCDC, State Senator John Douglas, Sherry “Eeevil Conservative†from Control Congress Radio with a special message from WGKA radio talk show host, Fox News contributor and partner Mike Gallagher, Billy Inman, father of deceased Dustin Inman and advocate for the Dustin Inman Society and many others. This will be the Atlanta arm of a nationwide series of rallies going on simultaneously with 14 other states and a Washington, D.C.-based rally to respond to the immigration legislation currently in the Senate. This will be the largest anti-amnesty rally organized yet to put pressure on Congress to say no to amnesty and yes to border enforcement. Media is welcome.

For more information please contact Joel Foster, media relations for the event at 404-995-7329 or [email protected] or Todd Walker, State Director of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps at 706-224-2646 or [email protected].
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We should organize a million gunman march. Wouldn't that be cool? A million men and women marching downtown all armed. Is a parade considered a public gathering? :roll: Then again they can't arrest a million people that are all armed.
I'm suprised that the NRA hasn't done anything like that. Even if it was just 100,000 or even 25,000 that'd be a statement. The NRA doesn't really seem like an organization that is concerned with bearing arms though. They seem more like a gun club for sporting/recreational use. Maybe I could run this idea by the JPFO.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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