NM Governor Richardson Gets CCW License

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    Looks like the gun vote is in play. Governor Perdue could also try a similar stunt but with the Probate Courts ignoring the law, he won't get approved until after Georgia Presidential Primary (3/4/08).

    From the Santa Fe New Mexican.
    "Governor gets license to pack
    By DAVID MILES | The New Mexican
    April 22, 2006

    Legislators and lobbyists beware — Gov. Bill Richardson has just received a license to carry a concealed handgun.

    Richardson spokesman Gilbert Gallegos said the governor picked up his license at Friday’s dedication of expanded facilities at the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy on the city’s south side.

    The governor successfully completed all the requirements for obtaining a license, including a criminal background check and a firearms-training course, Gallegos said. “He aced the test,†the spokesman said.

    Richardson owns a GLOCK pistol, Gallegos said. But Richardson’s veto pen likely will remain his most dangerous weapon around the Roundhouse because the governor says he doesn’t plan to pack heat.

    Richardson, who describes himself as an avid hunter, said he applied for the license to lend his support to concealed-carry measures. “I just wanted to symbolically show my support for concealed carry,†he said. “I don’t anticipate carrying one.â€

    Richardson, who was flanked by state police officers from his security detail during an interview Friday, said personal safety wasn’t a factor in his decision to apply for a concealed-handgun license.

    In 2003, Richardson signed into law a measure letting New Mexicans apply for licenses to carry concealed, loaded handguns. Requirements for applicants include completing a firearms-training course of at least 15 hours and submitting a $100 application fee and fingerprints for a criminal background check.

    The law bars convicted felons, those judged to be mentally incompetent, alcoholics and drug addicts from receiving a concealed-handgun license. The prohibition also applies to people under indictment for felonies and those who have been convicted of certain misdemeanors related to violence, drunken driving or drug abuse.

    Last year, Richardson signed another law lowering the minimum age of license applicants from 25 to 21 and extending the term of the license from two years to four years. The 2005 law also requires a two-hour refresher-firearms course two years after receiving a new or renewed license.

    In addition to receiving his new concealed-handgun license, Richardson applied this year for a license to hunt elk. “I’m a hunter; I’m a sportsman,†he said Friday.

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    Hate to say this, but I'd be impressed if he actually did carry. Any jackoff poltician can get a CHL to show solidarity with gun owners and then do whatever later on.

    Now if he was like TR and always had several pistols available to him at all times, then I'd be impressed. But let's face it TR is one hell of a high standard for todays politicians.

    I'm just skeptical I guess.

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    He may not actually carry, but he looks better than any of the others who've announced so far. Maybe there is hope.....
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    Because he only partially likes freedom. Don't get me wrong....he is a good candidate....but how can you compete with a quote like:
    Ron Paul on the Issues

    Oh, and most here will probably have a beef with Richardson's approach to immigration. [Hint: he want to let them pay their way in]

    As opposed to Dr. Ron Paul...
    That's why...and much more...
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    He's still a tool and I wouldnt vote for him.
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    As Dr. Paul is a very by the book [constitution] kind of guy, I can only assume that he means he would favor an amendment to the USC.