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Military man shot by pacifist while concealed carrier looks on.

I saw this over at

Sorry for the late post.. I can't comment on some of it because of the investigation and privacy for victim. but I have information that you will never see posted from a NJ news network.

An airman was going to a 4th of July party and was shot by a 21 yr old male who drove up, got out of his car, walked into the front yard pulled a weapon, said he hated the military and government and fired one round (which struck a Senior Airman from McGuire AFB). He then shot himself in the head.

One of the witnesses there is licensed to CC and saw the perps weapon about 4 - 5 seconds before the first shot was fired (he was close enough to shoot but not enough to tackle), but when he instinctively reached for his wasn't there since he was following NJ state law and didn't have it with him.
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