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    I recently bought a hand gun from a pawn shop. My application was approved in just a couple of minutes. I also hold a valid and current real estate license in good standing with the Georgia Real Estate Commission. I'm assuming there would be no issues for me qualifying on the application through my local probate court? Also , I just downloaded this app for my iPhone and don't see a "log out button".
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    Welcome to the forum!

    You have mentioned two different processes. Congrats on the new gun, you passed the NICS instant background check that is called for when purchasing a firearm from an FFL, a federal firearms licensee, ie, the pawn shop. This is federal, via an agency that is part of the FBI.

    It's a good sign that you would have no issue in getting your weapons carry license, although this is an entirely separate process that is governed at state level and administered by each separate county probate court. The weapons carry license will involve another background check via the GBI and the FBI.

    I would encourage you to go to your county probate court, call or via the internet, to find out how to apply and what to bring, and then go apply. The process is fairly easy and painless for almost every county.

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    As the Eagles once sang:

    "You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave!" :lol:
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    Thanks moe, now I know!
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    Thanks for the informative answer "DonT.
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    Tommy, welcome to Georgia Packing. I think more real estate professionals need to carry.
    Going into vacant houses is a pretty high-risk thing.
    So is meeting complete strangers, if you get a call from a "prospective buyer" who says he's interested in a house, but can only meet in the evening after dark... that could be a set-up for a robbery or carjacking.

    The background check required by GA law to get a GWL is pretty easy to pass if you have a clean criminal history.
    Where it might get complicated would be if you had something in your past that could be a disqualifier (drug crime, any felony, domestic violence or family violence, committed to a mental hospital involuntarily, previously found not liable for a crime by reason of insanity, etc.)

    Most people have no issues, and get quickly approved.
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    If you obtained your real estate license, issues with your GWCL are unlikely.