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    How do you get them.How do you find dealers.

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    Where Do You Live?

    Unless you happen to know a private individual who is also a resident of Georgia who wants to sell you his NFA firearm, which can be done without involving a Class 3 dealer (though it still would involve the local Sheriff's department and the BATFE), your best bet is to find a reputable, long-established retail gun shop that handles NFA firearms and actually has at least some of them on site as business inventory.

    I can recommend Sullivan's Classic Arms in Cumming, GA as a retail dealer. I can also recommend Advanced Armament Company (AAC) of Norcross as a manufacturer / distributor for some such products. I've had good experiences with them.
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    The subguns site listed above is great, and it has a rundown of all the applicable laws.

    I think there is also a list of dealers.

    Be prepared for sticker shock, though. As with gasoline, it is amazing what happens when supply is controlled but demand climbs. The supply of transferable machine guns has been frozen by the FOPA for more than twenty years.
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    Supply Frozen

    I wonder how "frozen" the supply of pre-May 1986 transferable machineguns is. Haven't many of those guns been taken out of service over the years, through wear, abuse, neglect, fire, theft, etc? I suppose that if a machinegun simply "wore out" and needed replacement parts, it would be well worth it to pay a Class 3 gunsmith to replace the parts and rebuild it as necessary, but I can't shake the feeling that many of these weapons have already been discarded or lost for one reason or another.

    Thus every year, the "supply" of working, transferable machineguns gets smaller and smaller, rather than being capped at a fixed number.
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    I was reading that the ATF increased the amount of red tape to go through to do this after the Brady Bunch filed a lawsuit. They were mad that the existing supply of guns was not decreasing as rapidly as it should because guns were allowed to be fixed and frames replaced.