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    Good Job !

    I think this is a good and fair photo-audio essay. It may be slightly inaccurate as I think that hunters are under-represented, but there are a few hunters in the bunch. One family has two suppressed 10/22 rifles and two AR-15s, one with a suppressor, and an M1-Garand, and 95% of their statement about why the own guns talks about self-defense and the 2nd Amd. But then at the end, the wife throws-in a comment that they really like shooting as a hobby, too. Well, duh! They obviously like guns way too much to just view them as tools for a highly unlikely defensive scenario.

    What's with the artist who has a shotgun in a bucket? If he is done using it as a model for some artwork, and if he's not interested in owning it as a working firearm, why not sell it? I think he takes comfort knowing that it's a real gun, that could be put to use if necessary, and he has some measure of satisfaction in knowing that he owns one of those deadly instruments that most of his friends and associates think are too dangerous for mere mortal men to possess.

    Now the left-wing liberal with the AK and shotgun... he talks about self-defense as in shooting burglars and rapists, but I wonder if he contemplated using his guns against tyranny or in an insurrection? I've met some socialist / communists who supported the right to keep and bear arms just so that they could keep the government from getting out of control. Many right-wingers, too. I don't think anybody on this slideshow mentioned THAT angle of the Second Amendment, did they?

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    Yep, the young guy mentioned it... albeit obliquely. Photo 10.