News Media and the Brady Bunch goes bonkers over new FL Law

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    Group Warns Florida Tourists They Could Be Shot

    POSTED: 6:52 am EDT October 4, 2005

    MIAMI -- Florida has a new law that gives legal protection to someone who shoots somebody else as long as the shooter feels threatened or is attacked.

    Florida's "stand your ground" law, which took effect Saturday, says citizens no longer are obligated to retreat from an attack if they're somewhere they have a legal right to be, such as a public street. Shooters also get immunity from prosecution so long as the person shot is not a police officer.

    One gun control activist said there is no other state in the nation and no other civilized nation on Earth that has a law like this.

    And one visitor to Miami said "it's a little scary" learning about the new Florida gun law.

    A gun control group is handing out leaflets at Miami International Airport, making sure tourists are aware of a new law that gives greater legal protections to people who shoot or use other deadly force.

    The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence tells visitors, "do not argue unnecessarily with local people." It says, "If someone appears to be angry with you, maintain to the best of your ability a positive attitude, and do not shout or make threatening gestures."

    Brady Campaign spokesman Peter Hamm says Florida's new "stand your ground" law could cause the most aggressive people in society to overreact.

    Gov. Jeb Bush has denounced the Brady Campaign as "pure, unadulterated politics."

    But the tourism industry is taking the campaign seriously. Visit Florida said Florida is "very safe" and that the Brady Campaign is "one group's political agenda."

    Supporters of the law, pushed by the National Rifle Association, say it will make Florida safer.

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    Will the mindless paranoia ever end? No wonder no other countries takes us seriously any more. Most people are afraid of their own shadow
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    If you want to know what is the worst case situation a firearm law could cause, visit the Brady Campaign - dedicated to firearm paranoia and propaganda.

    I have yet to see anything Brady has reported about a new law match what the new law actually says.

    If you noticed the hero in the Acworth Carjacking story was on a city street, defended himself, and was not charged with anything. Fact is most states do not have a duty to retreat law like Florida had. Just think if Georgia had a retreat law, the hero upon seeing the carjacker raise his gun would have to by law stop and run the other direction, and if the carjacker followed him he could then shoot.

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    Much ado about nothing, to quote ol' Bill.

    Florida was among a minority of states that required one to retreat before using deadly force. Now it has joined the majority of states.

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    While I was lifting weights at lunch time (no, that wasn't an earthquake, it was me doing bench presses), a news channel was running with a big blue banner underneath saying "Florida passes a law allowing people to shoot when 'threatened' " to a background of the Brady bunch passing out disingenuous fliers in the airport to unsuspecting tourists. This banner obviously left the impression that if you insult a Floridian, you are going to take bullet.

    I have yet to see a news story pointing out that Florida is simply joining the majority of states.
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    Re: News Media and the Brady Bunch goes bonkers over new FL

    Is this true? I certainly would feel better if our legislators provided a bit more protection from prosecutors. There is something unsettling in the notion that my fate could rest in the hands of Paul Howard.
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    No, the Florida law is now basically like Georgia law. Which is why we were saying Brady was lying.

    You still have to be in fear of your life to shoot someone. Before the law changed you have to be in fear, try to retreat if at all possible, an only then if you are chased could you open fire. If you did not retreat when possible, your self defense claim is not justifiable (you are found guilty).

    Now if a gun is pointed at you, you do not have the duty to retreat, you can simply defend yourself.

    Rule 1: If the Brady Campaign said it, it pretty much is not true.