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Newbie From D.C (Dekalb County)

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This my first post ever on a forum, so please go easy on a first timer. I have been a lurker on many forums and have never dared to post until now. I have had a CCP for nearly 14 years and have never carried until recently. I'm orignally from the country, Americus (Sumter County), and I never knew how important it was to be armed and trained till I moved to metro ATL. Due to high level crime in metro ATL, I feel compelled to carry everywhere thats legal, to protect my family. I chose this this site because I wanted to get a feel of Georgians felt about carrying for personal protection. I look forward to the future exchanging stories and tips with you guys.
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Welcome to the forum.
When I saw the D.C. I wasn't expecting Dekab County. :shock:
:welcome: I use to live in Americus many years ago. Didn't care for it too much. Especially those one way streets! You couldn't have joined a better forum. I graduated from Georgia Southwestern.
Welcome triggerman!! Glad to have you aboard. We are almost neighbors, depending on where in Lithonia you reside.

This is a great forum and has excellent mods and posters. I am a native DeKalb countian, and as you have probably already surmised, DeKalb is one of - if not the - most anti-gun counties in GA. Also be careful with the local city PD's like Lithonia, Stone Mountain, Pine Lake, etc. Know the state laws and follow them and you should be ok

With that said, there are a number of good guys in DC gov't and police and sheriff's dept, but sadly, they are the minority.
Welcome to GPDO triggerman357!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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