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    The best I can call myself is a country boy who was raised in and stuck in the city for too long. I have just become a member of Georgia Carry. I have been a long time member of Gun Owners of America.

    All my life I have wanted to go hunting, but my dad refused to take me. I've barely been camping. When I finally went to college I tried to go hunting but none of my college buddies knew how. Then I lived in South Florida for four year, and my one buddy who was going to teach me never did.

    So here I am, nearly 27 years old and I have been wanting to go hunting since I was 8, but I never have been.

    Will someone please teach me? I am not kidding.

    I have long loved guns and our right to hold and possess them. I have been a regular advocate of gun ownership. But, like a college professor I know all the academics and barely get out to shoot for myself.

    I'm hoping some kind soul will be willing to take me along and teach me how to hunt. And not just the raising a gun and shooting, but the actual skills needed, like skinning, gutting, prepping and all that fun stuff. Deer, hogs, upland game, water fowl, varmint/nuisance, squirrel. I'm down to hunt anything. I just finally want to do it.

    I have taken pistol defense courses, and I am familiar with my own firearms, but I have only gotten out to shoot 4 times in the last two years. I am not incompetent in the safe handling of firearms (though I have also not taken my Georgia classes). So you don't need to teach me how to use a weapon.
    I my own hunting rifle (.308) with a scope, .44 handgun for handgun hunting (no scope), a pump action shotgun, an autoloading shotgun, and a good ol' .22 for squirrels (scoped). You don't need to provide me with either rifle or ammo. I have them. I'd be willing to get all the equipment and drive even reasonably far to learn how to hunt.

    I just want to learn how to hunt.

    Some kind soul, please take pity on a guy who was raised in San Francisco and never learned the joys of eating something you killed yourself.

    I live in Cherokee County (south end), and would love to meet up to do this.
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    Douglas, welcome to the forum. Learning how to hunt is not hard. My dad never took me either. I taught myself at the age of 12 or 13. Spend some time on the forums over at lot's of good info over there. I am taking my neighbor's kids hunting, in a few weeks, as there dad doesn't hunt.

    Google how to field dress a deer or hog. Plenty of YouTube videos out there. My hunting grounds are a good drive away, so I don't get to go as often as I would like. Maybe later this spring I could take you. Also there are lots of wma's to hunt on.

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    Thanks, YZ#58. I'll do all that.
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    I can tell you that if you have another person hunting with you, it's easier to hunt squirrels. If you're alone, and they think you're getting too close, they put that trunk of the tree between themselves and you. But with two of you... SOMEBODY's going to have the tree rat in his sights most of the time.

    P.S. Squirrels are good eatin'. Just not a lot of meat on each one.