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Break action shotguns (over-under or side x sides) are preferred for quail. Safety being the primary reason- you'll be loading and unloading the firearm several times a day, as you put the weapon in the gun box on the buggy as you move from one location to another. Semi-auto and pumps are frowned upon- save those for the dove field. Primarily 20 ga although you'll see an occasional 28 ga. 12 ga tears up the birds too bad.

Best quail gun I ever owned was an Ithaca 150 20ga side by side. 25" barrel that was made by SKB. Light as a feather, and a real joy to carry on a hike. Browning Citori Lightning in 24" barrel is another good choice.

Beretta semi-auto's are good dove guns, but here in Georgia almost anything works fine for dove. I've been fortunate to take a few trips to Cordoba Argentina, which to a bird hunter is similar to a golfer playing Augusta National. Real high volume shooting, and a torture test of a firearm. Beretta rules the roost down there. The Remington's just don't hold up to that punishment. Benelli's hold up, but they've got a reputation for being hard recoiling. Not something you'd ever notice around here under normal circumstances, but after 1000 or 1500 birds, you'll notice.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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