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    Hey there folks! I'm brand new to handgun ownership and have a question about obtaining my concealed carry permit. A little more than 4 years ago I voluntarily entered a mental health facility to deal with anxiety and panic attacks. I was there for 3 days and have not had any issues since and have not been on any medication since either. This week I purchased my first handgun from a gun store that called in and did my background check. I didn't have any issues on it and was able to complete the transaction no problem. Today I was reading the information about getting my carry permit and saw the bit about the mental health facility. If it didn't pop up on my purchase background check will it come up in the carry application process? I sincerely appreciate your help and input here guys :)
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    To answer your question, the requirements for a license are more strict than the federal law but there is some leeway. Federal ban is for involuntary commitment. State law on a carry permit is a threshold question about why you were an inpatient.
    If the judge denies it, you can request a formal hearing and present witnesses and other information to show that you are better now than you were back then.
    b.1 talks about the appeal of a denial.

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    The law in Georgia lists voluntary hospitalizations within the last 5 years. Since you are just over 4 years, this is a disqualifier. This is the only area of the law in which the probate judge has any discretion. Even though this is a disqualifier, the judge can issue the license.

    Read the link provided in post #2, and it will give you an idea of the process. The judge will look into the circumstances and decide whether to issue the permit. The judge will probably want to meet with you.

    As for whether it will "come up in the carry application process," the answer is yes. The form asks about hospitalizations. It is a criminal offense to falsify the form. My advice if you want to carry now is to apply, answer the question honestly, pay the $3, and be as honest and forthright as possible as the probate judge looks into the circumstances and makes a decision.