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When your posting and you want to add a new smiley, find the "Emoticons" on the left, click the link under it called "View more Emoticons" click on any of them to have it added to your post



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I think I would be nice to have handcuffs or maybe a smiley with jail house stripes or a set of bars in front of him.

Also, a gold star like the teachers used to give in school would be neat. :)

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Excellent. :goldstar:

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Gunstar1 said:
ptsmith24 said:
And the list grows...nice.

Did you ever figure out a way to keep that big TTIWWP smiley from screwing up the alignment?
Nope, only deleting will fix it.
Actually, I came up with an idea that might work. Just can't do anything about it right now. Software is on the office machine and I am in the middle of a project and can't spend the time right now (majority of recents posts are from the home machine).

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Tinkerhell said:
I love more smilies. Smilies make me happy. I steal them & paste em (not link to them mind you) in emails all the time so it's nice to have a good library to use.

Keep it growing I say!!
Ok, if it will make you happy...























Also, I have never really liked the fact that the weapon weilding smilies are all facing the same direction. So along with the new uzi shooting to the right, now there can be return fire!


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