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New SAR K2-45

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I picked up my new SAR K2-45 yesterday from my FFL up the road. Christmas present from my wife this year. It's the first 45 I've owned in 25+ years. I researched, the CZ Forum has a clone section that was very helpful, and decided I'd like to try a DA/SA all steel CZ frame with 14+1 of 45ACP. CDNN has them on sale for $349 which is $170 less than my range
and the LGS that I had it transferred to could not get one for me but does $0 transfers so I try to buy from them whenever possible!

After I picked it up from the FFL up the road yesterday, I field stripped it, cleaned and oiled it, and loaded up the 2 magazines with FMJ for my trip to my range today. Took the K2-45 to the range and put 100 FMJ through it without a hiccup. Wow. Incredibly tight groups. Low-left to start but once I dialed it in I was getting tears in the X-9 all morning. Recoil was nothing to worry about and the trigger is smooth as a baby's bottom. It's hard to believe that I had 14+1 of 45ACP in my hands in a size that is not much bigger than my P99 with 15+1 of 9mm. Could not be happier with the purchase.

Now to find a holster for this beast.


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Glad you like it! I enjoy mine - haven't fired it much yet.

Mine also shoots low left, as others have also mentioned. Did it take just one click to the right to dial it in?

I'm jealous, though. I paid $369.99 for mine last January - you really got a steal! I might to buy another now. :lol:
They seem to be out of stock online everywhere except CDNN. They've got mags too for around $25. 3 clicks.
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