New Report by US Secret Service - Mass Attacks In Public Spaces - 2017

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    From the report:
    • Nearly half were motivated by a personal grievance related to a workplace, domestic, or other issue.
    • Over half had histories of criminal charges, mental health symptoms, and/or illicit substance use or abuse.
    • Over three-quarters made concerning communications and/or elicited concern from others prior to carrying out their attacks. On average, those who did elicit concern caused more harm than those who did not.
    • Given the preliminary information on the attackers, of the 23 who used firearms, at least 10 possessed their weapons illegally at the time of the incident. Two of those ten were minors, and the others were either felons, had a protective order against them, or had some other factor that should have prohibited them from owning a firearm.
    • Nearly two-thirds of the attackers (n = 18, 64%) experienced mental health symptoms prior to their attacks. The most common symptoms observed were related to psychosis (e.g., paranoia, hallucinations, or delusions) and suicidal thoughts (see Table 1). Further, some attackers (n = 7, 25%) had been hospitalized for treatment or prescribed psychiatric medications prior to their attacks.

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    And how many were NRA members? Zero?
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    Well, obviously you're not paying attention to current events. There were signs all over the recent "March For Our Lives" unequivocally stating that the NRA has blood on its hands. Which leads to the unequivocal conclusion that NRA members were responsible for most of those reported mass attacks. Signs don't lie.
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    Ah - I was wondering what that was all about. A lot of people seemed really upset about something...