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Probate Judges Training Council
Judge Brown reported the
Training Council held a lengthy
but productive meeting. New officers
were elected as follows: Judge
Belinda Griffin, Chair; Judge Lillis
Brown, Vice-chair; and Judge
Vicky Burnette, Secretary. The
training slates for the summer and
fall conferences were approved.
Topics for the June 19-21 Summer
Conference (COAG) include sessions
on standard forms, case
updates, and a legislative review
on Tuesday, June 20th. On
Wednesday, Judge Winston
Bethel, Chief Magistrate of Dekalb
County, will facilitate training on
the impact of mental health
courts followed by a session on
the court system from an immigrant's
perspective. During the Fall
(COAG) Conference representatives
from the State ADA
Coordinator's Office will conduct
separate sessions on cognitive disabilities;
ATF personnel will
update the membership on prohibitors
for firearms, blasting and
fireworks. Attendees will also
receive training on adult
guardianships, with emphasis on

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Malum Prohibitum said:
I was starting to wonder if they had stopped publishing it!

Blasting and fireworks?
I know you have to have permits for both. Are they issued by the probate courts?

I was wondering if this "training" falls under open meeting laws.
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