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I picked up a 1962 Chinese military SKS from fellow member, Johnski, yesterday.

I tried it out at the indoor range (25 yd max) before I bought it, and then after "The Snow Leopard" (because of the splotches on the stock) was mine, I took her to the nearby 100 yd outdoor range.

Indoor Range

First target: 25 yds; standing, offhand; Tulammo; five shots at the X and five at the head (1st shot at each group marked).

Second target: same specs as first target (without 1st shots marked).

Third target: 7 yds; resting arms on counter; Tulammo; three shots; the squares are 1", the bulls-eye has a 1-3/4" diameter, and the 10 ring has a 3-1/2" diameter.

Forth target: same specs as third target.

Fifth target: 15 yds; resting arms on counter; Tulammo; four shots.

Sixth target (the bottom of the sheet, so I flipped it over): 25 yds; resting arms on counter; Tulammo; ten shots.

Outdoor Range

25 yds; bench rest; Tulammo; the bulls-eye has a 3" diameter; 10 rounds. I tried a 6:00 hold on the first shot and it's the one at the bottom of the bulls-eye. On the second shot, I tried a POA/POI hold, and the impact was almost dead center.

50 yds; bench rest; Tulammo; the 10-ring has a 7" diameter; 10 rounds. I think I was trying a POA/POI hold again.

50 yds again; bench rest; Monarch ammunition; POA/POI hold; 10 rounds. I was firing a little quicker than previously.

100 yds; bench rest; Monarch ammunition; POA/POI hold; 10 rounds.

100 yds again; bench rest; Tulammo; POA/POI hold; the 9-ring has a 13" diameter; nine rounds. Even though the Monarch seemed to shoot high, I suspected that the Tula would shot lower with the same hold, and that appears to be the case.

One target at 50 yds and another next to it at 51 yds; standing off-hand (trying to do the elbow on the hip thing); Tulammo; alternating shots at each target; 20 rounds.

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Good name.

Good rifle too.


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I just shot my Chi-Com Norinco SKS a few days ago.
Did 10 rounds cold, no warm up or practice shots, standing unsupported at 100 yards at a man-sized target.

Got a big group in the belly, hips, and thighs. Probably 15" vertically strung and only 9" wide. I "thought" my sights were set for 200 yards, and I aimed low to compensate. They were really on 100 (the markings are hard to interpret) and I should have aimed basically dead-on.

All the shots would have been hits, although some were just "flesh wounds" on the edges of the thighs. I did land a hit on where the twig and berries would have been, so that would have taken him out of the fight!

I wasn't steady enough. My wobble area was at least a foot diameter. I need more practice shooting offhand.
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