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I went a-googlin' for those prints and found a great Etsy shop that has a bunch of them.

Really cool stuff. I've got a couple on the way now (defibrillator, fire hydrant, AR15). Thanks for letting me know such a thing exists!

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Mine came from these guys:

You can even pick the colors you want. Mine is a white ink on "chalkboard" background.

The come well packaged and are a real steal for the size they come in. I admit, the professional framing and mounting cost three times as much as the print. :lol: :(

Keep in mind the difference (make sure to read the description) photo printing vs. inked and screened. It may not matter in the end to most people but the old school method was an extra added touch of coolness for me personally. (you can feel the raised ink on the sheet when you get it)

I've been getting a lot of my stuff done at Hobby Lobby with really good results. They have options ranging from affordable up to Museum quality.

They also did a very nice job on a photo of Maggie for me. RIP pup. :(

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