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New Mexico's Best Known Concealed Handgun Licensee

You've seen him on television before:

Legislators and lobbyists beware â€" Gov. Bill Richardson has just received a license to carry a concealed handgun.

Richardson spokesman Gilbert Gallegos said the governor picked up his license at Friday’s dedication of expanded facilities at the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy on the city’s south side.

The governor successfully completed all the requirements for obtaining a license, including a criminal background check and a firearms-training course, Gallegos said. “He aced the test,†the spokesman said.

Richardson owns a GLOCK pistol, Gallegos said. But Richardson’s veto pen likely will remain his most dangerous weapon around the Roundhouse because the governor says he doesn’t plan to pack heat.

Richardson, who describes himself as an avid hunter, said he applied for the license to lend his support to concealed-carry measures. “I just wanted to symbolically show my support for concealed carry,†he said. “I don’t anticipate carrying one.â€
Perhaps someone is trying to make himself more attractive to NRA members for the 2008 Presidential election?

posted by Clayton at 8:06 AM

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