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New Mexico Positive Encounter

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So i've officially moved to new mexico. Closed on the house today and was out front shutting off the water for the sprinkler system with the garage door wide open. Mind you I had nothing with me saying I actually owned the property, just my car in the driveway and me going about my business with my Sig in full view on my right hip (though right side was to the house). A police car pulls up and stops in front of the house and the officer gets out. As he walks up I ask him which way I need to turn the valve to make sure the water is off so I don't burst a pipe with the freezing weather. He thinks for a minute and then confirms what I had been guessing. I say thanks and he walks down the side of my house. I finish up, go back in and close the garage door. By the time I leave the house a few minutes later he's already gone. I walk around the side of my house where he had been to notice my side gate was open. Most likely he saw the open gate and decided to investigate to make sure nobody was breaking in thru the back (since the house had been empty previously). Not certain if he saw my firearm or not but he never so much as asked for my name, nevermind ID. Not sure he would have even said hello if I hadn't initiated the conversation. Still I was thrilled at both the absence of any questioning and the fact that he noticed the gate open and took the time to investigate to make sure my property was secure. With how crazy New Mexico gun laws are I really wasn't sure how the encounter was going to go at the start (especially since I don't have a NM carry license yet, though I do have reciprocity from other states).
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I think NM is an open carry state? But can't carry concealed on a GWCL.
He might your neighbor...
I have carry licenses from 3 states. Used to be 4 but one expired. There are a few cops in the neighborhood but he wasn't one of the ones that lived there. Was kinda hoping he was. Always a good neighbor to know.
Once you get your license to conceal carry, beware that you do not carry more than one concealed pistol at the same time - it is illegal in New Mexico.

You can carry more than one pistol at the same time, but only one can be concealed - the others can be openly carried. Weird law.

I guess for those who are CC-only carriers that must bite. Those who can open carry can tolerate that law a little better. See? We ARE superior! <ducking, running, hiding> :lol:

Also, while you can enjoy legally carrying on Marta in Atlanta (thanks to GCO), don't try that on public buses in NM - that will get you a numbered orange jumpsuit.

Also, state preemption there is not quite what it appears to be - the wording only applies to local governments. State commissions can make rules to ban guns on their state property, like their State Fair Commission did.

You carry at the Fair, you risk being kicked out by law enforcement. No charges though, unless you resist.
We ARE superior! <ducking, running, hiding> :lol:
Hey Hey, no ducking, running or hiding permitted. We got guns. Even though they probably do also, we got 2 and they got only 1.

So we can go oppressive and or suppressive fire as well as target direct fire.

I haven't started carrying a backup yet so no issue for me... Still would be nice if such an absurd law was changed... Anyone know of a GCO-like group out in New Mexico I should join?
Weird laws. In TX you can carry an illegal (length / style) knife only if you are legally carrying your handgun at the same time.
I don't believe so. New Mexico only has a population of 2 million, so nothing probably as well developed as GCO. Perhaps you can start one!

There is one group I found on the Internet, but that one might be affiliated with the gaggling geese.

I haven't started carrying a backup yet so no issue for me... Still would be nice if such an absurd law was changed... Anyone know of a GCO-like group out in New Mexico I should join?
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