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    After a couple years of retirement and spending winters here in Georgia, I sold my home and have officially moved from New Hampshire to Georgia. I have been visiting this site for a while getting a picture of the shooting scene here and now the I have become official resident, I joined the forum. My daughter lives here so that is what has brought me to the area. I became official on April 19 when we changed our drivers license. My New Hampshire carry license then became void so I applied for my Georgia GWL the same day and it was issued on May 3 and arrived in the mail on May 7. Process was smooth and my wife got her GWL at the same time as she also had NH CCW which became void. The only thing I could complain about is the cost as NH CCW is only $10 for four years (It is only a piece of paper though- not fancy plastic card like GWL).

    About myself- I have been shooting for over 50 years since my Dad started me out. Born in NH, but moved to Florida as a child and grew up there and graduated from U of Fla (Go Gators :woohoo:), before moving back north where I was for last 40 years. I finally succumbed to the winters and looked to get back south again.

    I am finding that the Atlanta area is a little difficult for shooting as mostly indoor ranges and I like to get outside to shoot. I need to find some outdoor ranges, but most seem to be a distance away and traffic makes it difficult. Anyone have any suggestions? I have tried several bowling pin shoots at various indoor ranges ( I love shooting pins), signed up for membership at Wild West Traders, and have shot trap at Tom Lowe, so I will continue to get out and about to see what is available. Unfortunately, I seem to have developed spinal stenosis which limits my mobility a little, I getting injections next week so will see if it helps.

    Looking forward meeting some of you and becoming part of the shooting community.
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    Welcome to the forum...I'm another northern transplant.

    Seems there are more of us than Georgia born. Haha

  3. DonT

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    Welcome to Georgia and to the forum.

    As you are finding, there are a number of excellent indoor ranges in the area. If you are in Smyrna, also stop by where I work at Adventure Outdoors and our Remington Range. Another excellent range but a bit farther for you...Georgia Firing Line in Marietta vic Canton Rd. and East Piedmont Rd. Plenty of others. I do feel you on the outdoor range issue, the Atlanta metro area just doesn't have close in locations. If you are a dedicated outdoor shooter, you may want to look into the membership ranges like Creekside or South River Gun Club, but these are still drives from Smyrna. I have shot a bit at DNR ranges, too, but also some drives. Look for Johns Mountain WMA and Chestnut Mountain range, 50 minute drive north.

    Another really cool place to check is Talladega CMP Range complex, 2 hours drive into Alabama:
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    Welcome to Georgia and the Forum!
    Happy you made a good choice for both.
    I agree with DonT, that Chestnut Mountain is a great place to shoot outdoors.
    One tip: Go during the morning hours during the week and avoid weekends that seem to crowd up quick.
    Pay your $5 per car, and a short stroll to the covered shooting pavillion.

    Hope the back thing is a short annoyance for you, and healing is quick!
  5. Phil1979

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    Welcome to Georgia and GPDO!

    Solomon_G, not everyone is fortunate enough to be a native-born Georgian like me, but that's life. ;-)
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    Well glad to meet you Phil, since being here...only about 10% of the people i meet have your quality sir....but now i know 1 more! :woohoo:
  7. Nemo

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    Just so you know, many here will consider you a yankee. You do get credit for growing up in FL and being a Gator, but you were born up north and have a long time there.

    But with the FL time in grade you can be considered not a yankee alot sooner. It will also help if you learn Look Away.

    But anyway, Greeting and Salutations, Hail and Well Met. Welcome to the South, Ga, Dixie or whatever you want to call it, as long as what you want is home.

  8. moe mensale

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    Welcome from an ex-Granite Stater. I lived in Atkinson before spending 30 odd years in FL and moving here about 3 years ago.

    As far as outdoor ranges go I belong to Creekside in Taylorsville but that might be a bit for you.
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    Welcome to Snark Central
  10. Phil1979

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    Likewise! :righton:

    And not just from anywhere in Georgia, but Hotlanta. :lol:

  11. Swamper

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    Welcome and enjoy. I agree with the above range suggestions.
    In my case I moved North to become a GA citizen. A Florida original.

    :righton: :righton:
  12. roryred

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    Welcome from another Smyrna resident. If you happen to want a carpool partner to an outdoor range, let me know. I seldom go because it is a pain as you mentioned.