New Indoor Range in Monroe

Discussion in 'Ranges, Dealers & Smiths' started by rjinga60, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. rjinga60

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    Hey. I'm too lazy to check all the posts, but has it already been announced that the indoor range at The Trading Place, 1412 S. Broad St., Monroe, GA 30655, had finally opened?

    I've been told it's $6.00 for a 1/2 hour, $9.00 for an hour, and targets for $1.00.
  2. stewharr

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    According to their Facebook page they opened this past week. Find them on FB. They have pics of the lanes and the construction. Also a list of their rates. Haven't been there yet, but the owners are good people. When my mom passed away in November we had to go and pick up some things she had pawned there. They were very nice and were very helpful when they could have been butts like a few places we have had to deal with were, but no hassles. Mom always liked dealing with them because she knew they weren't going to cheat her.
    If you go please report back, I'd like to take a trip there myself soon.

  3. T. May

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    My son and I went there today for the first time. Very well lit and nice. Parking was a little crowded, but it was a Saturday.