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Here is a link to my wife's new ROMAK-3 and CZ-52:

I was able to install the scope yesterday afternoon doing a last try before bringing it to a gunsmith. The trick was to remove the clamp and the clamp screw. I used a pair of plyers to open the rails a little bit more on the scope. THose were pinching too much on the side slide of the gun.

I want to say that I am quite impressed by the CZ-52 we got. The bluing is perfect. In fact, the gun looks like new except a litte scratch on the handle. If it looks not perfect on the picture, it is because I did not clean it yet. There is cosmoline everywhere, especially outside on the slide and handle. Those CZ were advertized as almost perfect and it is true. I am planning to buy Monday a hard chrome one.

On funny thing: It took me 3 minutes to find out how to pull the slide and remove the barrel and it took me 30 minutes to figure out how to put it back...hehehe.

I added also pictures of the 2 M44 with one that I just refinished bluying. It took me about 8 hours to prepare the metal and apply 4 coatings of blue.

It is quite hard to get the touch and do a perfect job. Notice the last picture near the trigger on the trigger guard you can see some rust. I'll have to fix that. I guess I missed that spot when I prepared the metal,but it was the first time I was doing that.

Thank you[/img]
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