New Glock 19 from Ed's for me....

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by js415, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. js415

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    I picked up my new G19 OD Saturday from Ed's Public Safety.

    This is my 5th G19, but my first in OD. This is also the second purchase I have made from Ed's. Both times I have dealt with a very polite, well informed, and EXTREMELY COURTEOUS young lady named Emily.

    I would recommend anybody visiting to try and deal with her. She is a real pleasure to work with.

    I know it looks just like all the others, but for some reason, it seems to look a little better than the others I have seen. Maybe it is because this one is in my house, and not another persons house???

    Emily also found me a real nice Glock Hoodie while I was there!!

  2. mc30707

    mc30707 New Member

    nice G19, I have a second gen and like it alot.

  3. tmoore912

    tmoore912 Just a Man

    That OD G19 looks really good. Nice choice. I want to get one too when I can find one close to Savannah.
  4. SongDogSniper

    SongDogSniper New Member

    Sweet! :righton: Congrats on getting a nice new Glock. Ed's is definitely a good place to deal with. Bought my 30SF there a while back with TFO night sights for a great price, took care of me well too.
  5. Ken1961

    Ken1961 Dei Gratia

    While I've never dealt with Emily, I can say that all the folk at Ed's are good to deal with. I've never felt like I was poorly treated there and have almost always had an enjoyable time there. ( I browse a lot and they don't mind. ;) )

    A great bunch who I frequently recommend.

  6. patrick4588

    patrick4588 New Member

    I want a glock hoodie
  7. the279

    the279 New Member

    If you can , how much you paid for your glock ?

    They get a discount for a regular buyers or
    only for LEO's?
  8. 175FO

    175FO Member

    As far as I know the discount applies to law enforcement, military, firefighters, EMT's, and I believe commercial airline pilots who have the certification to carry a gun in the cockpit. Buying directly from Ed's you would pay right around $400 for Glock's in 9mm or .40 w fixed sights I believe.
  9. BSCLibertarian

    BSCLibertarian I'm kind of a big deal

    I believe if you are a member of GSSF (Glock Sport Shooting Foundation) you can purchase one Glock per year at LEO discount pricing. Only certain models qualify I think and I think it's about $40 to join GSSF.

    Check w/ the fine folks at Ed's to be sure, they will point you in the right direction. :righton:
  10. SongDogSniper

    SongDogSniper New Member

    Glock's 2010 LE Individual Officer Program offers discounts to the following categories of individuals on the purchase of up to two Glock handguns per year:

    - sworn LE officers or Federal agents with credentials
    - retired LE officers or Federal agents with credentials
    - Corrections officers with credentials
    - Parole or Probation Officers with credentials
    - State licensed security officers with credentials
    - active military with credentials
    - National Guard with credentials
    - Military Reserve with credentials
    - Retired military veterans with retired military credentials
    - licensed paramedics or EMTs with credentials
    - Firefighters, including volunteer firefighters with credentials
    - TSA employees with credentials
    - Commercial Pilot License holders with credentials
    - Federal Flight Deck Officers with credentials
    - Court Judges with credentials
    - District Attorneys with credentials
    - Deputy District Attorneys with credentials
    - LE Academy cadets with proof of enrollment at a LE Academy
    - College students with proof of enrollment in a Criminal Justice Program

    This information is direct from Glock.

    Check with Ed's directly to see if they honor giving the LE discounts to all of these categories as a Glock distributor under the 2010 IOP. I would think that they would, but if you fit into one of these categories, you will need to check.

    The GSSF program is a separate pay-to-join offering, but as stated in a previous post it allows for one purchase a year at the IOP price.

    Certified Glock armorers also qualify for the LE IOP price according to the stipulations specified under the Glock certified armorer program.

    Hope this helps!
  11. the279

    the279 New Member

    I will check Thank You !!