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    Hi all. Used to hang out on a few years ago. Glad I found this place! Lived in Statesboro for a couple of years and then moved to FL. Not two months after the words "I'm never going back to GA!" left my mouth, yep, you guessed it, I'm back in GA. Covington now.

    As far as GA code goes... I can definately attest to how annoying and confusing it is. I spend most of my day immersed in it, specifically Title 27. I truly believe that the laws of this state were written by drunkards, morons, or just plain idiots. They are so loopy and convoluted and contridictory that you want to scream. To make matters worse, no one ever had any foresight. Just because it means "A" today doesnt mean its going to mean that tomorrow!

    But enough of that tirade... nice to meet yall. Going in a few to get the wife's GFL. Lets see if she makes it through as fast as I did.

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    Hey, vent all you want. I added 2 emoticons for just such an occasion. :soapbox: :rant:

    Actually, depending on your frustration level there are a few more.
    :screwy: :shoot: :minigun: :flame: :puke: :banghead: ](*,)
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    Yep. Doing the work of 10-15 people.