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    Well, formerly from Columbus, to be precise; at this very moment I'm in Nashville on my way out to join the 1st Armored Division in El Paso. Hence my user name.

    I joined this board because, first, I have a GFL, and second, I read about half of the Captain William Clark thread and thought it was the funniest/most pathetic thing I've ever seen. What a pissant. Good job, Gizmo (and everybody else, for that matter).

    Now, I'm not sure where to post this and I don't want to start another thread just for this when this one will do just fine, but I've got a few questions about my situation, for anyone willing to help. Thanks in advance.

    So, as my SN implies, I have a GFL. When in Georgia, I was able to use PCS military orders to prove Georgia residency IOT purchase weapons from the local store. Now, I know my GFL reciprocates in Texas, but I'm not sure how my mutt-ish residency mixes in with my GFL in TX. If that makes ANY sense. Do my PCS orders to Fort Bliss now make me a Texas resident? If so, is my GFL still valid? I figure since I'll be in TX for a while, I'll get a TX CCP, but I'm just asking this question to make sure my GFL will cover me while I'm waiting for the Texas permit to come in the mail.

    Also, I know Texas requires concealed carriers to be certified with a weapon of at least that caliber. I won't have any problem qualifying, but am I allowed to carry at all until I do qualify? Or is that qualification just a prerequisite for the state's CCP?

    And my last question, since I've read how intolerant Texas is of OC, exactly how concealed does my weapon have to be? I mean, if I'm wearing a light t-shirt and it's printing, am I good to go? What if the tip of the barrel protrudes beyond the bottom of my shirt? Good? Or does concealed mean a bypasser must be completely oblivious to my weapon?

    Sorry for the long post, and all the questions. And I realize this is GeorgiaPacking and not TexasPacking, so I might be SOL. If that's the case, oh well, but you guys do seem like a smart bunch and frankly I'm relatively new to this. Whatever the case, thanks for the help!
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    Welcome to the forums. I am pretty sure the GFL is valid, but you should check with someone more familiar with TX law for your questions.

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    Welcome from Marietta.

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    Welcome from Columbus via Kansas.
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    Welcome from Gwinnett