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    May 2017 Legislative Update ​

    Greetings fellow gun owners and supporters of the Constitution! Below is the latest from the men and women your fellow Californians have elected to represent us in Sacramento. Although we’re not facing the relentless anti-gun tyranny of 2016, the bad guys are still up to no good, and we are tracking them every step of the way. Here’s the goods on the bad:


    This bans the open-carrying of an unloaded long gun in unincorporated areas. Aside that this is a

    violation of the 2nd Amendment, this bill assumes that the law abiding are somehow guilty of provoking fear and confusion. The author cites concerns with the urban unincorporated areas, but this would have a serious impact on the many rural counties in California.


    Anti-gun zealot Assemblyman McCarty is trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist by stripping a district’s authority to give permission to possess a firearm within a school zone. He wants to expand the nonsense of current law that bans a CCW holder from carrying on school grounds (without permission) even though there is zero evidence that kids/school personnel have ever been in danger of a licensed carrier. And, Everytown for Gun Safety has even accused districts that granted such permission of exploiting the law …

    AB 736 Gipson/D IN ASSEMBLY APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE (passed policy committee)

    This would permit a “framework of fines†that DOJ can impose on a gun dealer. Given that DOJ has not demonstrated a positive record on handling the law abiding when it comes to firearms, this bill is out of line. They have consistently been unresponsive to problems with the DROS system (Dealer Record of Sale) and the APPS (Armed Prohibited Persons System).

    SB 464 Hill/D IN SENATE APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE (passed policy committee)

    This will put the hurt on gun retailers by mandating installation of steel or concrete pillars in front of their stores and for all guns to have a steel rod/cable through the trigger guards. If that’s not possible, just get a safe big enough to hold the store’s entire inventory of guns and ammo – all this, even though when compared to the roughly 3,800 gun dealers, crash-and- grabs happen to less than one third of 1% of firearm retailers.

    SB 497 Portantino/D IN SENATE APPROPRIATIONS COMMITTEE (passed policy committee)

    This bad boy limits all firearm sales to one a month and removes the exemption for private party

    transfers and redefines a lower receiver as a handgun. There is no evidence that someone who

    purchases two – or ten guns – is a danger or engaging in illicit activity. Plus, long gun purchases in

    California have exploded to over a million per year, and a 2015 DOJ report (Firearms Used in Crimes) reveals they are used minimally in crimes.

    SB 536 Pan/D IN THE ASSEMBLY (passed the Senate)

    SB 536 requires DOJ to give all information on “gun violence restraining orders†to researchers at the UC’s Firearm Violence Research Center. But there’s a problem; it lets DOJ cherry-pick who gets what data. Will they give it to Professor John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center? We doubt it.

    SB 620 Bradford/D IN SENATE APPOPRIATIONS (passed policy committee)

    This bill gives the courts the discretion to not issue mandatory sentencing provisions for felony use of a firearm. Our support of the “use a gun – go to prison†policy has never wavered, and granting courts discretion is not in the interest of“justice†but rather a dangerous proposition.
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    It's for the children.

    And the pollywogs.

    And the ..............

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    Can't go around bullying people if they're allowed to fight back, huh?

    Same old story, different details.
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    This bill is a huge squeeze on the family jewels. :popcorn: