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Actually, that was one of my favorite shows! I did not recognize the guy in that picture.

My favorite episode was the one when the main character had his gun stolen by a burglar while he was sleeping (he slept with the gun in bed with him), and he had to undergo psychological counseling. Then, he was ordered down to the armory to pick up another weapon. It was in the basement next to the range. The armorer says, "Hmmm, let's see what I have. Sorry, this is all." He hands him a little snubbie .38. to replace his lost shiny .44.

The main character sneers at it, then shrugs, concluding it will have to do, when the armorer snatches it back. "Oops! I see that is reserved for the Chief. Here, try this one on for size."

The armorer hands the character a tiny little gun that makes a modern KelTecP32 look like a bazooka.

Then they take it over to the range to try it out - see how he likes it.

When he fires, you barely here a tiny little sound. Then they are peering at the target, five feet away. "Where is it? Where did the bullet go?"

The armorer points to the ground about two feet in front of them. "Oh! There it is!"
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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