Neighbors garage door wide open

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Claire, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. Claire

    Claire New Member

    A few hrs ago - Sherri noticed the neighbors garage door wide open.
    we know he's gone for the weekend :?

    she says you wanna go check & shut the door
    ok so I holster up a pistol outside my belt and walk over
    I made sure sherri had a phone incase she needed to call 911

    we walk thru the house - besides a few lights & a fan being on
    no one was around

    we shut the door make sure the house is locked
    go eat dinner
    then I go on the back deck to have a smoke
    the door is open again! :shock:

    Bah! we do it again

    I *think* his garage door must be malfunctioning
  2. mswicord

    mswicord New Member

    Pull the emergency door release to disengage the opener, manually lock the door and call your neighbor......

  3. AeroShooter

    AeroShooter Active Member

    Proper course of action... you neighbor may not appreciate the sweep of the house or the invasion of their privacy.
  4. Jmark

    Jmark Active Member

    I wonder if there is someone else who has a door down the street on the same frequency?

    +1 on manually closing the door.
  5. Claire

    Claire New Member

    ah - thanks for the tip on disengaging the door opener and closing it manually
    so far so good today

    Aero - he's fine with me going in there
    while we were there we took 2 kitchen cabinet doors that sherri is restoring/sanding for him

    jmark - either someone has the same frequency or the door is haunted :p
  6. merlock

    merlock Active Member

    Claire, there could be black helicopters flying around :foilhat:
  7. VolGrad

    VolGrad Tactical Statistician

    On first read I agreed with the house sweep being an invasion of privacy. Then I actually thought about it. We are close to our neighbors and have exchanged keys, etc. I am actually sure they would appreciate the check.

    Likely the frequency thing someone mentioned. I do this all the time for my neighbors - closing the door, not actually sweeping the house. They are forgetful. They have thanked me. It is called being a good neighbor. Good job.
  8. pro2am

    pro2am New Member

    Claire, if its the house I'm thinking of, and they haven't changed out the garage door, it happens sometimes, its either defective or picks up a stray signal that does that. It used to do it years ago too.
  9. Claire

    Claire New Member

    LOL Norm - ain't nothing been changed there
    well not a whole lot besides a little bit of paint & some floor work

    sounds like he needs to disconnect the garage door opener
    its open again since the middle of the night/early this morning
    I'll go close it after I finish my coffee

  10. Bulldawg182

    Bulldawg182 Active Member


    I honestly think you might re-think your decision to enter the house and sweep it. I'm all for protecting the neighborhood and friends, but there should be a limit to that effort. It might have been more prudent to call the cops and wait for them outside while armed in case intruders came out. I think you might have subjected yourself to unnecessary danger by doing what you did. Very brave of you, but perhaps not the wisest choice of actions. Let the police do what they're trained to do.
  11. Adam5

    Adam5 Atlanta Overwatch

    I have to agree with Bulldawg on this one. When my neighbors alarm went off in the middle of the night with a strage truck in the driveway while they were out o town, I called the police, then watched the front door armed in case someone came out. I ended up holding his brother at gunpoint for a minute or two until the cops showed.
  12. Claire

    Claire New Member

    Hmm.. I never thought of it as brave --- yes, a bit stupid maybe or just done on instinct.

    I worked for a large office park at a general mills plant in NJ - night security - I had to walk through a dozen buildings unarmed working the night shift - my only protection was mace, flashlight, a personal knife & a direct radio to the police. only a small handful of employees if that were allowed in the buildings at night. Most of the time I sat in a shack at the gate but had to do a building check twice a night - I punched a clock as I entered & left each door.

    When in Boston working for a security company - I would get called in the middle of the night to check the shopping center up the street from my house when the alarms went off - again unarmed - that was more stupid - lots of gangs in that area. I'd meet up with a co worker outside the building - so we can check the doors, inside the building etc.. - if it turned out a balloon or rat set off the alarm - we reported to the police & reset the alarm. 1 time there was a break in

    knowing my neighbor really well I felt confident to go check his house & then lock up.

    I appreciate the advice - definitely a lesson learned - in the future - if a similar situation happens - I'll be sure to think the process thru before instinct kicks in.