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Need to find fosters for 3 dogs

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Many of you remember the story of Spade and myself in the WaffleHouse when the robbers decided to wait on the robbery because of open carry, and I know many of you remember hearing about the waitress who was there at the time as well. Not too long after the media hype over that incident hit, she lost her job with no real formal explanation. Her husband had already been disabled and has had a multitude of problems since and the whole thing landed them in a bad situation. They have been staying in a house on the good graces of the owner who has decided they need to get out.

Long story short, there are quite a few of us that have been taking them food, dog food, and firewood to keep things going for them in that house, but they are going to have to leave. It seems that their only option at this point is to go to a shelter, but they cannot take their 3 dogs. They have a Beagle mix that looks just like a beagle should, but small. They have two other mutts that are mid sized dogs, I estimate 35 pounds or so. The dogs have not been eating well and have not been getting exercised, so the little bit of discipline they had has gone away. I know it is a lot to ask, but if I can find shelter for the dogs, Lynn and David might actually do what they need to and get into a shelter themselves.

If my house was not already overfilled, I would have taken on even more... I just have reached the point that I cannot do any more. If anyone is interested in fostering or could even help with getting some more food to them, please let me know and we will work something out. I know that you guys don't know her personally, but I also know that this is one of the most caring groups of random strangers I have ever seen... so I figured there might be someone who could help here.
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Just an awful situation. Too bad I'm doing all I can over here.

Also, I wonder if anybody on the boards would be able to give the former waitress a job?
Someone is paying for a week at an extended stay for them so they can be in the warmth and it is one that is dog friendly... so they have some time. I will be going to pick them up in a little while. ;)
Are they giving up the dogs? If so they may want to contact a Atlanta animal rescue (not an animal shelter)pronto. So many animals get adopted prior to Christmas. Small dogs tend to have a better chance at adoption then big dogs. The shelters actually start thinning out. Then they start filling up again after Christmas.

I wish I could help, but I can't either.
Hey Priest,

First of all, thanks for looking out for these folks (and their dogs) in their time of need.
I wish I could give the dogs a home, but at this time that is not an option.
However, I can help out with a small donation of some food/supplies for the dogs. Or possibly some food/supplies for your friends as well.

Perhaps you could let us know what they need most urgently. Is there any particular brand of dog food that the dogs prefer? What restaurants and grocery stores are close to the extended stay that maybe your friends could use a gift-card from?
Just an update. A person that has never met them before has donated money for one more week in the room as well as some food/supply money, and another person has taken them some food including a Christmas meal. You guys are awesome beyond belief. Lynn has spent some time trying to find work in the area near where they are staying... anywhere she can walk to. Thank you all so much for your concern and help.
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