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kinda got into an arguement today with someone on facebook abt castle doctrine in GA...from my understanding of the can defend your property...under ocga 16-3-24 and ocga 16-3-23 for this correct?

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There are 7 laws that make up Castle doctrine in the broadest sense.
There are 4 self defense laws. (the where and reasons to use lethal force)
16-3-21 Self and others
16-3-23 habitation
16-3-24 real property
16-3-24.1 definitions of habitation and personal property

There are also 3 stand your ground laws. (what you did during and what happens after)
16-3-23.1 No duty to retreat
16-3-24.2 Criminal immunity for valid use of force (provided you could legally own and possess the weapon)
51-11-9 Civil immunity for valid use of force
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