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Thought I\d try over here....

GA2A has an event for the US Military Veterans Motorcycle Club in Cumming.
I need 1-2 volunteers to help out for this one (gotta set up/break down the tent) and
I was hoping that some of the folks over here might be interested.
Let me know if you want to help [email protected]

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I strongly recommend some of you do this. It will be fun and get the GA2A name out there more than it is.

You would be surprised at the number of people who have never heard of VCDL at gun shows up here. Considering all we do to spread the name. Based on that, I suspect maybe 10% of the people who attend the event down there will have heard of GA2A or its precursor.

Spreading the name and recruiting is the only way you will grow and increase your political effectiveness.

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