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Guess that's not gonna happen now... Too bad. He probably was a thug, a drug dealer and gang-banger, but Damn! 15 is so very young!!!

Newberg is not one of the more expensive areas of Louisville, but a lot of decent people, mostly minorities, live there. Unfortunately, most live in constant fear of their lives and property...

It's what used to be called a "blue collar" neighborhood. I remember when it was a pretty nice place to live, but over the past 20 or 30 years, the area has deteriorated significantly and it's become a high crime area.

A very high crime area!

For some reason, the local newspaper decided the city should be divided into neighborhoods. I thought I grew up in the West End, turns out I grew up in the Shawnee Neighborhood... Go figure!

Sunday, July 1, 2007


15-year-old shot, killed at apartment

By Alan Wild
[email protected]
The Courier-Journal

A 15-year-old boy was fatally shot early today in the 4500 block of Beechbrook Road in the Newburg neighborhood., Louisville Metro Police said.

The boy was pronounced dead a short time later at University Hospital, said Detective Phil Russell, a police spokesman.

The boy had been shot multiple times, said Jack Arnold a Jefferson County deputy coroner.

Homicide detectives later arrested Troy L. Cole, 19, of S. Shelby Street, in connection with the shooting.
(Another high crime area and the location of one of Louisville's oldest housing projects.) He was charged with murder and tampering with physical evidence.

Authorities declined to provide the victim's name because some relatives still have not been notified, Arnold said.

Russell said 6th Division officers found the gravely wounded boy at an apartment building. "Some sort of altercation" had taken place, #-o Russell said.

The boy did not live at the apartment, he said. Police are continuing to investigate.

Christopher 2X, a local activist, said that relatives had asked him to help the victim's family.

The boy was "struggling at the time of his death to get his life on track," 2X said. The teen's father was murdered in the early 1990s, 2X said.

Each time I read an article like this, I almost want to cry. Two more families are suffering. The family of the kid who was killed and of the kid who killed him. What a horrible waste of young lives and what a tragedy!

Of course, it's opportunity for XX to get his "name" in the news again, so I guess something good came out of it...


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