Native Americans being employed to hunt for Bin Laden.

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    An world-reknowned elite group of Native American trackers used by the U.S. Customs to hunt down Mexican drug and people smugglers reportedly is joining the hunt for terrorists crossing Afghanistan’s borders, where Usama bin Laden has been known to hide.

    The Shadow Wolves unit, recruited from tribes including the Navajo, Sioux, Lakota and Apache, which patrols a 76-mile stretch of Arizona-Mexico border, is being sent to areas along the Afghan border to teach local units the traditional method called "cutting sign" of finding and following clues on the barren landscape, London's Sunday Times reported.,2933,258335,00.html

    I think it's pretty interesting. Here we are, living in an age where anything broadcasted through the air stands a good chance of being intercepted, subjected to voice analysis and targeted by a cruise missile to within 20 feet... all within a couple of minutes if all goes right... yet we're allegedly using old-school tracking tactics. It might be a tall-tale and sensationalized story, but still something to think about. There is a limit to technology. There are still plenty of places on Earth that one could hide for a pretty long time if one wanted to.
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    I think at this point they are open to anything to find him.

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    how many times have we seen technology trumped by common sense and know how.
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    How long did it take to find one man, Eric Robert Rudolph, in the NC mountains? Afghanistan is rougher terrain, with more mountains and caves, and Osama has plenty of help.
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    That is exactly what came to mind for me too.

    of course the easiest way to find anyone is tell a girl her man is sleeping with the person. "not my quote but I find it true"
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    yeah. you'll strap on a diaper & drive cross country to "get your man".
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    Technology is a tool, nothing more. I can make your job much easier if you know how to employ it correctly. If you do not understand it's limitations, it will will eventually remind you that it has them. Nothing is a substitute for competence. Just look at our friends over at CIA if you would like an illustration of this concept. :)