National Purple Heart Day

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    I never knew! I give thanks to my friend Chuck W. and other Veterans who were wounded in combat! FB_IMG_1596803193003.jpeg
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    I read an article yesterday (can't seem to find it, sadly) about Operation Downfall, the plan to invade Japan in the Fall of 1945.

    The article stated that the US Military had about half a million Purple Heart medals made in preparation for that invasion. It further stated that those same medals are still in use today, and have been awarded to those wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan!

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    On a personal note, my Father was preparing to be a part of the invasion force in 1945; he was already out there, having been at Iwo Jima. He was a sonar man on a minesweeper. He told me they would have probably been blown out of the water during an invasion of Japan. He said they sailed into Japan after the Japs surrendered, and there were all these big guns on every little island... Just waiting for an invasion.

    So, you might say that the A Bomb saved my Father's life.

    BTW, this article was written yesterday, the 75th anniversary of Hiroshima.

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    Mine as well. He was waiting on Okinawa for the invasion.
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